Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Pierre and Prince Andrey

Some notes for later:

During the soiree a comparison is made between Princess Ellen Vassilyevna Kuragin (Helen; Elena) and her brother Prince Ippolit Vassilvitch Kuragin (Hippolyte). Page 10-11 describe how Ellen is strikingly beautiful and how her brother is just as equally atrocious. For some reason Anna Pavlovna is upset about Pierre and the abbe “talking too eagerly and naturally” over a political conversation. She also refers to Pierre as “the italian” in a derogatory tone. Prince Andrey Bolkonsky, the husband of “the little princess” seems to dislike the guests at the party, even his wife appears to “bore” him, and has enlisted in the army. Comments about being seen in “this society” are reoccurring.
Putting the pieces together:

Pierre, who lacks respect and “nobility” due to his illegitimate birth and Italian heritage, is best friends with Prince Andrey, the highly regarded husband of Princess Ellen. Pierre is an honest man, who is unafraid to think against the beliefs of society. He is a believer in that Napoleon Bonaparte is a fine leader and respectable man, while others, like Anna Pavlovna, strongly disagree. Prince Andrey seems to only have caring and warm emotions for Pierre (he dislikes his own wife). In addition, Andrey dislikes the society which he is apart of, the nobility, and is looking forward to his enlistment in the war as a means of escaping the shallow existence of the upper class. Coincidentally his wife, Ellen, could not be happier as a member of that upper-class society, and is in essence, the epitome of it.

– Christina


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