Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Women are just objects…I don’t think so

Christina posted about sex being an extremely important part of Eugene’s psychological makeup. I agree with this statement. However, I find it interesting that Eugene simply views women as objects yet this mind can only be freed by having sex. Ultimately, women have more control over him because without this physical act Eugene cannot function properly. It is funny that only when there is not a women in the countryside that he can then and only then proceed to doing his business. I think Eugene should carefully consider whether women are objects when in fact they seem to have more control over him then he does of himself.

– Alexis


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2 thoughts on “Women are just objects…I don’t think so

  1. Well Alexis, lets get real… We all know women have more power than men think. But shhhh! Don’t let them know that:) LOL

    In all seriousness, good point. Do you think Eugene has any clue that these women are going to be the end of him? And my guess is, whoever decides to be his pretty little wife is going to be the catalyst.


  2. I definitely see that happening. Eugene is not gonna see anything coming. I think this new wife of his is going to offset Eugene immensely. He ain’t gonna be the same man, or any man for that matter.

    – Nelson

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