Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Another Deadly Sin: Envy

Well I will bite my tongue. Turns out he is going to run into problems before he even gets married!

His promiscuous little lover, Stepanida, seems to have taken a piece of Eugene’s heart. She is unavailable one day for their regular rendezvous and when Daniel offers Eugene another woman he “refused with disgust” (pg.217). Oh and his little sugar-mama loves to be envied. Actually, “It seemed to her that if people envied her, then what she was doing was good” (pg.218). Eugene’s cash flow made her someone to hate around town, and she enjoyed it. Sounds like the makings of a successful relationship if you ask me.

– Christina


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One thought on “Another Deadly Sin: Envy

  1. Haha, successful indeed (I hope you were being sarcastic). I don’t know actually I think this relationship may work, as long as they realize they shouldn’t just be bunk buddies if you know what I mean.

    – Nelson

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