Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich


Another character is introduced as the story continues, Eugene’s mom is now in the picture, and something tells me she is going to stir up trouble.

Accustomed to her superfluous lifestyle, Mary Pavlovna (Eugene’s mama), blissfully continues her pleasant little existence on the back of Eugene. Seemingly unaware of her son’s financial turmoil at the moment, Mary “[sacrifices] herself for her son and do all a mother could do, by not complaining…” (pg.216). Furthermore, not only is she naive about the difficulties her son is undergoing, but she wants him to tie the knot as to secure his, and her own, financial security. Am I the only one that foresees an issue? Mr. Mess-Around is going to have a hard time settling down.

Here comes another topic, familiar relationships. Can not wait to see where Tolstoy takes this one.

– Christina


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One thought on “Monster-in-Law

  1. Oh no, I definitely see this going the wrong way. I doubt he’s going to be able to settle down any time soon. Although he’s basically just a womanizer, his mom is also being incredibly selfish.

    – Nelson

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