Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Out with the…new in with the Old?

Okay, remember when I said I liked where Tolstoy was going. Well I’m pretty sure I was wrong. I find that Women are simply becoming objects once again in the reading. Eugene’s mother just wants him to marry so she can have cash flow. Eugene just wants to get with every woman and her mother. I do not see this heading in the way I was hoping. At least women are being sexist toward themselves or actually perhaps we’re seeing men as being objects this time around. Okay wait I like where I’m going with this.

Eugene’s mother is just using him as a pawn to get what she wants. She wants him to get married so she can be better off. That doesn’t sound like objectifying women. It sounds like objectifying men. I like where this is going!

– Nelson


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One thought on “Out with the…new in with the Old?

  1. You make a valid arguement. However, I just think that women are treated as mere objects in all aspects of life during this time. I dont agree with what Stephanida or Eugene’s mother are doing, but they are fending for themselves and just trying to survive or get by living the good life as opposed to the other women. I still think its horrible, but your arguement is valid that both genders are being objectified.

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