Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

What? EUGENE is evolving!

I never thought I would see this coming. Knowing Tolstoy, I thought Eugene would stay a womanizing fellow and everyone and everything in this story would be horrible. Everyone would be stereotypically selfish, envious, jealous. BUT wait what’s this Eugene is evolving? There’s character evolution? What is this?!

Although I did predict in some of the comments that Eugene would eventually end up in a relationship, I never though it would be under his own accord. I know, I know he isn’t anywhere close to being in a healthy relationship with Stepanida BUT I see him falling in love. He refuses to rendezvous with other women. He’s definitely falling for her. I never suspected that we would see this man (especially a man modeled by Tolstoy) experience actual human emotions. I’m proud Tolstoy!

– Nelson


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One thought on “What? EUGENE is evolving!

  1. I think that by having Tolstoy make Eugene develop as a charcter only better suits the story. Now instead of having Eugene as the typical male womanizer we will be able to see what he is like in a relationship. Let’s see how long the womanizer can really last in a relatinoship

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