Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich


Christina I agree with what your saying regarding Stepanida and envy. But I cannot help but think that Stepanida wants to be envied by the other people in town, particularly men, for being wealthy because by other being envious of her she feels power over them. I think she has control/power issues and she is simply using Eugene to facilitate this. And at the time who wouldn’t want to live an easy comfortable life, especially as a women. Like I mentioned earlier women were treated as objects and served men 3 purposes to have sex, cook/clean, and bear children. I think there relationship will be extremely short lived because they do not share any commonalities. they are getting married for all the wrong reasons.

– Alexis


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4 thoughts on “Complications

  1. Yeah when I said that she loves being envied, I meant by everyone. She is obviously an attention hog and likes feeling like she has something others do not. I think it is particularly interesting that Eugene is falling for her, of all people.


  2. Also, I believe this relationship is definitely going to hit it off. She’s interested in his money and the recognition she gets from being around him and his money. He’s interested in her love.

    I definitely see this going somewhere. Although a poisonous relationship, it’s one that will definitely hit it off for sometime before turning sour. But as you have said Christina, she will be the end of him.

    – Nelson

  3. I also think it is important to notice that she will be in control inthis relationship, but only to the point in which his love allows him flexibility. The true question is where is that breaking point?


  4. I don’t think that breaking point even exists to tell you the truth. He’s kind of stupid and I mean that in the best way possible. I mean at least in that arena.

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