Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Food For Thought

Christina’s Question: Is sex what Eugene really wants, the physical desire and hunger for it, or is it something more than animalistic instinct?

I would have to agree that Eugene is falling in love with her. As a result of him falling in love, I believe that he is blind to certain things. For example, If they really shared a loving relationship then why does Stepanida get joy of others envying her for her money. If she was so in love she would not want to flaunt this money to people, but make others envious of her by showing off her “caring/charming” companion. But i guess since she is a prostitute this is a once in a life time opportunity for her. For her sake, she is lucky that Eugene is blinded by love and that he makes decisions that in the end are not particularly best for himself in the long run. Maybe he is just so deeply in love that he showers her with expensive things to show his caring for her. So he is also harming himself in a financial sense.

– Alexis


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2 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. You make a good point. His actions are definitely hinting towards something real.


  2. He wants her love. I have no doubt now that he just wants to be with her. The signs are all there. She’s just going to manipulate him and use him to her advantage.

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