Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Christina: Thesis

Okay guys, so I have decided to sit down and decide on my final thesis for my paper. We discussed a ton of topics concerning Ivan Illyich and I decided that I want my paper to be focused on that story, because there really is a whole bunch to write about. So for my thesis I was thinking to talk about how Ivan is the prime example of how people try to live up to the standards of society and their peers and of their own accord despite the fact that it may not truly be in their best interest. Kind of how we want to get into that big-name school when in reality there are a thousand great schools to chose from. So where I am running into trouble is the wording and how I am going to take this and run with it. Heres my ideas so far:

Thesis: Ivan Ilyich is a prime example of how society’s expectations and norms shape people into preset molds.

Running with it: Talk about his decisions when it comes to his path in life, his decisions with love, and his ultimate resolve. Then, compare his decisions to common-day decisions that parallel his behaviors and thought processes. Then sum up how society changes our thought patterns to fit something the majority approves of.

Any suggestions?


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