Analysis of Leo Tolstoy and his work, The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Please LOOK Freaks: I Have A Legitimate Question:)

Hay fellow bloggers! So as I continue my journey in writing this paper I find myself with too many questions. I figured you guys would like to SEE what I have been so devotedly up to so here it is:

From early on, Ivan was enticed and subjected to society’s overbearing power. He was “from his earliest years” attracted, “as a fly to the light, to persons of good standing in the world”, and consequently, “assimilated their manners and their views of life”(pg.87). These few sentences, which arise as the foreboding to Ivan’s unfortunate fate, are reinforced as the story continues. The narrator goes on, “he gave way to sensuality and to vanity”, and in regards to school, “he had committed actions which had struck him beforehand as great vileness… But later on… he was able, not to regard them as good, but to forget about them completely” (pg.87). All of his initial, most innate beliefs are struck down to nothing more than shadows cast upon the floor. Even before Ivan is a grown, independent man, society manages to disrupt what he naturally believes to be “good” and “bad” and replace them by what society believes to be “necessary” and “unnecessary”. Furthermore, the very next page states that Ivan’s behavior, as well as the behavior of his peers, in the province which he found his initial work (so kindly acquired for him by his father), was not always the most noble of behavior. However, it was all justified by the fact that everything was done “in the highest society, and consequently with the approval of people of rank” (pg.88). Ivan’s thought processes alter before he even completes his education, as a means to appease and be adored by the general public.

*My question is: does Mr. Shapiro want us citing straight from the source? I am having a hard time avoiding it in this paragraph (as you can probably tell). It’s just so hard to keep from shoving this down the reader’s throat because it is so obvious!!! I feel like I need to hammer my point so that it gets validity. -__-* All these years we wasted learning how to write the wrong way… Tisk, tisk.



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